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Maybe you're just starting your photography career in need of a portfolio and you don't really know where to start-- or maybe you've been shooting for forever and just need something new and to be inspired. 

I am really passionate about thrifting, and about being original and giving things new life and a fresh perspective-- and I love that hosting shootouts allows me to share that with other photographers (and videographers too)!

If you've never been to a content session or workshop before, the idea is that I do all the hard work of organizing models, vendors, a location, etc. and you just get to show up and shoot! It's an easy way to build content, be inspired by other's prompting and posing style, network and meet other's in the industry, and a great way to get inspired. 

I have met lots of my friends this way and have grown my business so much quicker than I could have on my own-- so there's no doubt to me it's worth the investment.


July 21st, 2022 - content session (NY inspired)

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