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I base myself out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan this sweet little city in the middle of the Canadian prairies that I am so happy to call home. There isn't much I love much more than this. I feel that photography is truly what I was made to do in life and there is little that makes me feel more alive. 

I currently live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with my husband Dayton. My free time is usually spent with friends, going for walks, snacking on popcorn & coke zero, thrifting, or listening to podcasts. 


I am inspired the beauty and minimalism of the prairies— the vast spaces, blue skies, golden grasses. No joke I've pulled u-turns on the highway so I could stop and look at the way the light hits the wheat fields at sunset and to take it all in.


The quiet moments hold so much beauty to me; it is a way of seeing life that I hope translates into my work, always. I am obsessed with mid-mod design and architecture and am always looking for the newest design pieces for my home.

I didn't expect to fall in love with photography the way that I did, but I did. There is something so unique about it as a medium. The way a photograph can invoke emotion and nostalgia and bring everything flooding right back is something I am even still learning to understand. Needless to say I love people. I love beautiful things. I love life. I love art. And I would love to take your photo.


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