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Taylor & Kaela

If you've ever met Kaela you know she has a vision. I frequently told her she needs to take up wedding planning throughout the process leading up to her wedding, she just has the best talent for making everything around her so beautiful.

From the start of the morning getting ready in he suite at the James to dancing the night away with friends, there could not have been more intention and care put into the day.

Many of the details of the day were handmade— the checkered dance floor was made by Kaela, she purchased stock flowers and hand made her arrangements and places florals in vases herself, she sourced the china plates for dinner— even the handkerchiefs guests waved at their entrance were hand made. From the vintage pieces to the pizza, it couldn't have been a better mix of curated and relaxed. Being an actual home, the Lawrence house makes for such a cozy space to gather and celebrate. Plus pizza!? Always a crowd favourite. And served on beautiful china plates, who would even know it wasn't homemade.

Later in the evening, after the first dance, Kaela slipped upstairs with her bridesmaids for not only a fun dress change but a haircut as well. It was so fun seeing everyone's reaction to the surprise when she returned down the stairs for the party!

Definitely a day for the books (and Pinterest)

HOTEL: Benedict Suite, The James Hotel

PIZZA: Dominoes

FLORALS: Quinn & Kim's Flowers (arranged by bride)

HAIRCUT: Macy Matiko


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