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I first picked up my little canon rebel back in 2016, it was my gift from my parents for graduating high school. I'm sure I shot on automatic at least the first year, but I had so much fun taking photos of friends and my travels. I really fell in love with it as a medium and was constantly looking for interesting subjects to photograph. I was given the opportunity to second shoot my first wedding back in 2019 and never looked back, I knew that day that this is what I was made to do. I've since upgraded my camera, but my love of photography hasn't gone anywhere.


growing up I dreamed of pursuing education or social work, I never really considered photography to be an option. the minute I picked up a camera I fell in love, I couldn't get enough of it as a hobby but still I didn't realize that someone might actually pay me. as I continued to share my work, I started to get real inquiries and my little hobby grew into the business I run today. so if I'm being honest it was never really a plan, but a beautiful surprise that life has allowed me to make a living at something I love.  

as I've grown as an artist I've come to realize that I love to create interesting work, meaningful work. I truly believe that all seasons of life are worth photographing for some reason or another; maybe it's a hard time but you get through it, maybe it's a joyful time and you want to celebrate it, maybe it's your last big event with a loved one one present. life is short and beautiful and so worth documenting. maybe that's why I'm drawn to a more photo journalistic/documentary style of work, because it shows life as it is.

I love that I can create art, but that it is meaningful to my clients a way that I might not even fully grasp. that these are the photos that you will look back on and show your grandkids one day never fails to humble me and blow my mind all at the same time, it motivates me to serve my clients well and to make photos that are play homage to peoples lives. 


I am drawn to warm, true to life tones. bright colours and soft neutral tones. I am inspired by the colour palette of the Saskatchewan prairies, the bright blue skies and golden wheat fields, the minimalism of the farmland and the vast skies. I strive to create work that honours your story, that shows the beauty of life as it is— this translates into a more documentary approach both to sessions and wedding days. I quietly observe the little moments as they unfold and bring them all together to tell your story.


I do not give out raw files for any reason, as they are an unfinished product and inaccurate representation of my work.


In line with believing that life is beautiful as is, I do not cancel sessions for weather but instead work with the weather and adjust locations if needed (excluding natural disasters and extreme weather). I think wind, rain, sun, fog all lend to interesting photos and would encourage you to embrace the weather your session brings.

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