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frequently asked q's

How would you describe your photography style?

I was asked this question at a workshop a few months back and it really got me thinking. Words that come to mind are: intentional, editorial, timeless, artistic, and photojournalistic.

First and foremost my goal is for you to be comfortable in front of me and my camera. I want to capture you as you are, and I believe that is done best when you feel at ease during your session. 


I look for interesting perspectives and artistic composition and to edit in a way that is true to life, and film inspires. Serving to enhance the photo but not alter how things appeared in real life.

I'm nervous to have my photo taken, is that ok?


It's completely normal to feel nervous; it's a vulnerable thing to be photographed. I come prepared and with experience so you can relax and enjoy your experience without having to worry about "knowing what to do" in photos (that's my job)! 

How many images will I receive? 

This may be my most commonly asked question. Personally I do not believe in promising a specific amount, in that there are many factors that play into how many images are taken. What I do guarantee is to deliver every image that lives up to my standards. I won't keep photos from you I promise!

When do I get my photos?

I do my very best to get photos to you as quickly as possible! I make sure to send a little sneak peak so you have photos to show family and friends!

Weddings take anywhere from 6-8 weeks for a full gallery, depending on how busy the season is.

Smaller sessions take anywhere from 3-6 weeks to deliver.

How do we choose a location?

Totally up to you. I am very flexible and would love to shoot somewhere that would be meaningful to you. I am happy to work with together to choose a location, but am also open to any specific places you have in mind.

What if the weather is bad?

Because I can't guarantee the weather, I come prepared for whatever we get! Unless it is storming and going to damage my gear or be of harm to us, we will embrace the weather (crazy weather has made for some of my favourite photos ever!)  If the weather is just too bad for us to go ahead, I am happy to reschedule to the earliest date that works for us both!

What do I wear?

First and foremost I want you to be comfortable and feel most like yourself. My main goal is to capture you as you are, who you are-- this includes the way you dress, have your hair done, everything. 

I think neutrals are timeless and I do recommend avoiding primary colours and large prints as they tend to conflict with my editing style, but ultimately come as you are.

Will I get raw file images?

Personally I do not believe in delivering raw files as they are not my best and finished work. But you will get every image up to my standards according to your booking type.

How long have you been shooting weddings for?

I first picked up my little canon rebel back in 2016, it was my gift from my parents for graduating high school that year. I'm sure I shot on automatic for a year (and I've long since upgraded cameras), but I had so much fun taking photos of friends and my travels; I really fell in love with it as a medium. I was given the opportunity to second shoot my first wedding back in 2019 and things have taken off from there. I now eat, sleep, and breathe photography and wouldn't have it any other way.

Will you help us with the wedding planning process?

I will help as much as you would like me to! I have lots of advice that is helpful for planning your day and would love to share with you. 

1.5-2 months before your wedding we will set up a meeting to review your timeline, make sure you have coverage for everything you want captured and to go over any questions you might have. 

Can we see a full wedding gallery of your work?

Absolutely. I am happy to send over a view only copy of a wedding gallery for you to look through so you feel confident in your decision!

Will you help us with our timeline?

Absolutely! This isn't my first time shooting a wedding, if you'd like advice as to how much time to block off, order of events, anything really, I want to be there as best I can! 

Do I have the option of a second shooter?

Absolutely. The rate for the addition of a second shooter is included in my pricing guide. If this is something that you would like to add on, I will quote you for the hours you would like to book as well as take care of finding a second shooter I feel will do an excellent job so you don't have to stress.

Have you worked with a videographer before?

I have and it was lots of fun! I am comfortable shooting alongside a videographer in capturing your day together.

How long do I have to download my gallery?

I leave all galleries online for 30 days for you to download and backup, as well as the option to order prints through my gallery delivery service!

Do you offer prints or albums?

I do!! When I send off your gallery you will have the option to order high quality prints and albums right from the gallery itself! 

How do I secure a session?

I currently require a paid deposit* and a signed contract to secure my bookings. I use an online platform to deliver my contracts so it's super quick and easy! Wedding deposits are 1000$, session deposits are 1000$


*mini sessions must be paid in full upon booking.

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