Sam & Hannah

One of my goals for the year is to be more intentional with my work. I’ve been thinking a lot about the movie industry, and how much thought goes into wardrobe— they literally have a whole team dedicated to what actors wear because it has such an effect on the outcome of the shot. Wardrobe contributes to the story you’re trying to tell— whatever that may be.

Think of how different these photos would have been if they were both in jeans + tshirts and leather jackets or something like that (just an example)!? I think the seaside look would have been lost on that.

First and foremost wear what you are comfortable with, and what accurately represents you. But I think the only way to get those photos that feel complete or cohesive (for lack of a better word), is to put thought into the little details so that it all comes together like magic.

I absolutely love styling, I have a little clothing rack (ok not so little) going of clothes for sessions where I see fit. If you are booked or book in with me in the future, I would love love love to help you figure out pieces that lend to what you have in mind!

Can’t wait to share all the other crazy location ideas I have for this summer :) In the meantime, enjoy some of my favourites <3