local vendor: anh pham

Anh and I met when I was working as a sales associate at a local clothing shop and she had come along with some models getting ready for a photoshoot we were styling. Somehow that turned into chatting, which turned into coffee, which turned into working together, which turned into becoming good friends.

She has the ability to make her clients feel beautiful in a way that I have had the privilege of watching firsthand. Needless to say she was an easy choice to be the first feature in my series on local vendors based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Hope you enjoy + learn a few tips and tricks!



How long have you been doing makeup?

I have been doing makeup for 7 years.

How did you start freelancing?

Makeup was just a creative outlet for me while I was figuring out what I wanted to do as

a career. I was a ward nurse at the time and didn’t absolutely love my job. I got my

makeup certificate while I was a nurse and in my free time, I would do makeup for

portfolio and editorial shoots to express my creativity. I never expected it to turn into a

business, but I started with a few clients here and there and with time I ended up filling

my days with commercial, editorial and wedding work. I am so thankful for those first

few clients and brides that trusted in me and my work :).

What sort of space do you recommend for getting ready? What factors play into this?

- light

- space to move around

For me, I always suggest choosing a space with a lot of natural light and enough room

for hair and makeup artists to move around. I tend to ask for a little table too. I bring a

chair and ring light with me, since I’ve quickly learned that I couldn’t bend my back

awkwardly for a whole day and the light if for those early mornings, when it can still be

quite dark outside. Hotel lamps are not the best sources of light, haha.

What do you do to make a bride, or bridesmaid feel comfortable if they have never had their makeup done?

The best part of my job is constantly meeting new people and hearing their stories. So, I

like to chat to get to know my client more, but I am also very okay with periods of

silence. To help my clients feel comfortable, I ask a lot of curious questions about

themselves and also their experiences with makeup. The energy I feel from them goes

into the vision for their makeup. I want them to know that we are on the same

wavelength. It’s important for me to make a bride or bridesmaid feel like the most

beautiful version of themselves mentally and physically after spending time with me. I

also love listening to music that is light and relaxing while I work. On the day of the

wedding, the choice of music always goes to the bridal party!

How do I know what colours are right for me? Or is this something you would help me with?

I will always help with choosing colors and makeup placements that are most flattering

to your skin tone, face shape and personality too. In saying this, I am always up for

suggestions, some colors are just more ‘you’ than others.

What is a bridal trial, would you recommend one? Is there a best time to book

(how far in advance before the wedding date)?

Bridal trials are really great for seeing how things will look on the wedding day and to

know how the makeup will wear, hours later. This helps me make any changes or

adjustments we’ve discussed after the trial. Plus, I always feel more comfortable doing

bridal makeup on someone I’ve met before. I know you and your style. After I learn

someone’s face shape, skin type and preferences, I always make the little adjustments

to make it last longer and look even better the second time. Bridal trials are also a good

time to discuss details and the getting ready schedule for the wedding day.

Any tips for getting your makeup to last the whole day?

Long lasting makeup techniques are considered throughout the makeup application.

Proper preparation of the skin is quite important to me for long lasting results. Super dry

or super oily skin can be problematic. I like to suggest face and lip masks before the day

of the wedding. Drinking water is a simple and great way to prepare skin for makeup

too. I also have a lot of products that will help the makeup last long such as skin and lip

primers, setting sprays and setting powders. Clients have told me that their makeup

lasted through all the happy tears!

Do you recommend anything for touch ups?

For people with oily skin, blotting papers are amazing at removing oils throughout the

day without ruining the makeup. I prefer blotting papers over powdering the face, a little

power is okay, but too much can make the skin look too cakey by the end of the night.

Lip balm is always a must have for me, since lips products can be drying. Crusty lips are

never fun. I definitely recommend having a lip stick or lip stain in your touch up kit for in

between kisses, drinks and eating!

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