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*Crstal Lyon, formerly Method Events, is a co-owner of high end event planning company & wedding venue Brick Loft Event Co. based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan*



What does an event planner do? The first thing that comes to my mind is the movie The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez, but obviously that’s not real life (haha)! What does your job look like on a day to day?

This is the question I get the MOST. I wear a ton of hats within my career; everything from hype girl, vendor management, designer, logistics master, creative problem solver, etc. The most rewarding part of my job is being able to offer support to clients throughout the planning process. Planning a wedding is a very intimidating task, and it is really easy to get lost in the comparison game during the process. I always ask couples what their favourite part of a wedding is and what they can do without during our initial consultation (before they even hire me). If I find they are focusing on something because others are telling them to, I always make sure to go back to that first meeting and remind them of that conversation. It is so important to be able to look back on your wedding day and feel happy about the choices you made, and where you spent your time and energy. PS. I wish I looked as glamorous as J-Lo did in The Wedding Planner; the wedding day is usually a pretty hands on and physical day and by the end of it I'm not anywhere near camera ready! My job isn't very glamorous on the day itself; but it is the most rewarding!

What inspired you to become an event planner?

I had always been a little "intense" about details and structure but also had a creative side (aka I was a little weird and had really random hobbies) growing up. I had once considered going to fashion school (but circa 2005, alot of people thought the same way after getting obsessed with The Hills). But, I knew I would probably stay in the prairies and thought I needed to consider something a little more "practical". I say "practical" because it wasn't until the last few years that I don't get asked "what else I do" at every single wedding. I think more and more people take event planning as a "real job".

How did you get your start as an event planner?

I did take formal schooling for event management and when I was complete I worked a few short contract jobs for bigger events that came to the city, but the only thing that was available to me (without alot of experience) was within the banquet (serving and bartending) realm. I had already worked 10 years in the service industry at that time (and loved it), but it wasn't the next step for me so I did some research and found a course through the Wedding Planning Institute of Canada in Calgary and went and got my certification. I had always been drawn to formal party planning, so it seemed like a really organic next step. I jumped in pretty blindly (weddings are their own special type of event with their own rules and etiquette) and am forever grateful to those couples that trusted me in my first few years of business.

What are some hi lights of your career so far!? Any favourite installations you’ve create or events you’ve been a part of?

In 2019 I travelled to California to take a workshop on creative business and installations from Alexis Andra of The Shift Creative. It was a really cool experience and ignited a passion for design and installations. I've focused pretty hard on weddings only for 6 years and 2021/2022 will bring larger scale installations and designs that I'm really excited about. 

Do you plan events beyond weddings and bridal sessions? 

Weddings are 100% my passion. It is such an honour for a couple and their families to trust you with such an important day. But, after becoming a mama (and only wanting one child), I no longer wish to pack every weekend in the summer with a wedding. I need to be more intentional with my time and energy. In 2019 I rebranded from Love and Lace Event Design to Method Event Planning and Design to be more approachable for a wider spectrum of events. I do all sorts of social, corporate, and non-profit work in addition to weddings. I also "own" the OG balloon business in the city. I use the word own lightly because I have since dissolved the name (Balloonatic YXE) and umbrellaed the balloons under my own business name. I technically inherited the OG company from the OG balloon girl, Jen Korney, but it's all really confusing!

Where do you draw inspiration?

Inspiration for me comes from the clients I am working for (this is true for couples or corporate work). I am here to help them create and design a celebration that is reflective of their relationship, interests, brand, style, etc.. I like to be quite intentional with design, so that things aren't too cookie-cutter. I love earth tones, neutrals, and muted versions of colour and so that tends to be quite a constant in my own style. I love texture and small touches with big impact (or even big touches with big impact!).

How involved are couples in the wedding planning process?

The level of involvement and ground work required by a couple is dependant on the package they choose. We offer everything from consultations to full planning services.

Is there anything couples should know before working with an event planner?

I truly think everyone deserves to be confident about the details and organization of their wedding so that they can truly be present in the moments throughout the day. I also am aware that not everyone has a budget to work with a full service wedding planner, but if you can wiggle your budget anywhere to at least hire some day-of help, you will not regret it. As confident as you are that your aunts and cousins or friend will be able to facilitate your plans; know that it will affect the experience they have at the wedding (not to say they will have a horrible time, but their duties will always be at the back of their mind). There are people just starting out in the business who offer really reasonable rates for day-of coordination. I was once this person and I promise you I worked really really hard for these couples as I was just so so grateful they chose me to assist them.

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